5 Proven Tools for Streamlining Your Social Media Experience

Many people spend a large amount of time on social media sites.A� Sure, there is nothing wrong with being active on Facebook, Twitter and the rest, but with so many tools out there to help users streamline their social media experience, it is very easy to save time while keeping up with friends and followers.A� Of course, some apps and programs can actually increase the amount of time that you spend online, so it pays to do your research and find those tools that have been proven to streamline social media tasks.

The best social media tools will be able to help you spend less time online and still get everything that you want out of Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and other social media sites.A� Here are some proven options.

TweetDeck- This is one of the most popular and time-tested tools for managing Twitter feeds.A� Users can schedule tweets for different times in the day and organize all the feeds that they follow into columns, then scan the columns instead of reading many separate feeds.A� These basic tools can really help users organize and maximize their online time and get all their social media tasks done at one time instead of logging back in again and again throughout the day.A� TweetDeck can also be connected to Facebook and Foursquare, and users can schedule updates on these sites from TweetDeck as well.

Hootesuite a�� This is another all-in-one social media tool for people who want an application that can help them streamline their posts, updates and tweets, monitor private messages, and organize streams according to importance.A� Hootesuite even allows users to make one post and then decide which social media outlets to publish it on.A� Like TweetDeck, Hootesuite is best for people who spend a majority of their time on Twitter, but it can work for any number of different major social media sites.

iGoogle a�� Your iGoogle page can act as a kind of social media dashboard.A� It works best for people who want to monitor their social media accounts and sites throughout the day, but only want to glance at the latest social media happenings, not read everything in depth.A� You can set your personalized iGoogle page as your homepage.A� That way, every time you open your browser, you’ll be able to peruse the latest updates.A� No, this is not an option for people who want a really muscular application to oversee their social media empire, but for most people, a simple tool like iGoogle offers a huge level of personalization and the convenience of being able to read everything that you want in one place without running your streams through a complicated application.

8Hands a�� This desktop application is another tool that can help users organize their social media accounts in one place.A� From Facebook and Foursquare to WordPress and YouTube, users can get updates on 8Hands when someone posts a comment, likes their post or video, or decides to follow their social media stream.A� There is also a chat feature that allows users to recommend videos or blog posts by simply dragging and dropping the link in the chat window.A� 8Hands is a great tool for those who want to get their updates without even having to go online.

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Pond a�� The great thing about Pond is the ability to organize the people who you follow and see all their social media updates in one place.A� So if your friend has a Flickr account, a YouTube account, and a Facebook account, you can see all the content from these different sites in one centralized stream.A� This is a great tool for people who want to follow their friends’ updates, but don’t want to hop from site to site to make sure that they are not missing anything.

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