Best Blogging Sites For A Social Media Experience

A blog can be used to promote yourself or your product or to build a brand.A� It can also simply be used by people who want to socialize online or who want to let their family and friends read about what they are doing.A� Because they have more control over a blog, some people choose to spend their social media time blogging rather than using Facebook or Twitter.A� It is possible to get your own domain name and to create your own site, but many free blogging platforms also have great social media scenes built around them.A� Participants can not only write blogs, but can also read and comment on others’ blogs and can even write posts in response.A� Here are the best blogging platforms for people who want to have a social media experience while blogging.


One of the world’s most popular blogging platforms, WordPress offers free hosted blogs at� The advantage of this site (and of WordPress in general) is that you can personalize your blog as much or as little as you want.A� This flexibility makes WordPress a good choice for people who want to simply participate in the WordPress blogging scene and for those who want to eventually build their blog into a larger site or use it to promote a service or a brand.A� Even with the free, hosted service, people can choose their own theme and can add features to personalize their blog.


Tumblr is a fast-growing social media platform that has drawn refugees from the other major social media sites.A� People consider this site a cross between Blogger (see below) and micro-blogging sites like Twitter.A� The main advantage of Tumblr is that you can use it to post pictures and also to write short blog posts.A� Lots of people are starting to use this site in addition to Facebook and Twitter, so your Tumblr blog will have a healthy audience.A� Tumblr great keyword search features that make it easy to find like-minded people to socialize with.A� Users can like posts made by others and can even re-post photos and text written by others.A� For people who want a blogging platform that really offers the best social media features, Tumblr is the best option.A� Unfortunately, it is not possible to self-host your Tumblr blog since it must be hosted on the site.A� Users can, however, purchase their own domain name.


One of the longest running hosted blog sites in Blogger.A� Despite lacking some of the muscular add-on features that WordPress has, Blogger is a decent option for people who simply want to maintain a blog for social purposes.A� Because it has been around for so long (and because it is owned and developed by Google), Blogger has a large following and lots of people use it as a kind of social media site, blogging for friends and then commenting and following other blogs via an RSS feed.


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Penzu is a unique blog platform because it has a high level of privacy.A� That might sound odd to people who are interested in blogging for social purposes, but the strength of Penzu is not the amount of people that you can share your blog with, but the amount of control that you have over who can see your blog.A� This is a great choice for people who want a social media experience, but only want a select group of people to see what they write and what they post.A� Penzu also has a great user interface, so it is easier to write a post than it is on WordPress and even on Blogger.

Other social blogging sites like Posterous, LiveJournal, and TypePad might also be worth a look.

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