Best Facebook Widgets And Apps

Facebook can consume a lot of time.A� Luckily there are a number of widgets and apps that can help you get the absolute most out of this social media giant without spending too much time browsing or waiting for updates or status changes.A� The best Facebook widgets can provide a more-complete experience and make it possible to get exactly what you want out of the site.

Want to get the best Facebook experience possible?A� These widgets and applications can help you.

DIY Timeline App Builder

This awesome widget allows users to build and control additional widgets and apps in their timeline.A� The builder has a drag and drop interface, which allows users to create advanced features and professional looking pages without having to know any code or have any advanced computer skills.A� This app can be used to help people upgrade and manage images in their timeline, so it is not only for those who want to publish pages with advanced features.A� For those who do want to be more advanced, widgets for YouTube videos, PayPal, slideshows, share buttons and email information collection can also be put in place and controlled using the DIY Timeline App Builder.A� This is definitely a useful time saver for anyone who want to update and add elements to their timeline pages frequently and quickly.

Comments Box

This useful widget can be used so that Facebook users can comment on your site or blog or other social media page in real time.A� The comments, if they meet the criteria that you set, will be posted on Facebook as well as on your other site.A� This makes it possible for people to follow all your content and comments in one place, rather than having to troll around the web to find what you and your friends are thinking about.A� Likewise, people can comment on your site or blog via your comments stream on Facebook, so they can be part of the conversation even if hey do not directly visit your site.

Post to Twitter from Facebook

This tool can cut your social media time in half.A� All posts and updates made to Facebook are also published on Twitter (as long as they are tagged as a�?publica�?).A� This can really be a useful app for people who are active on both sites and are looking for ways to streamline their social media tasks.A� If you want a higher level of control over both Twitter and Facebook, a third-party widget, like the ones available from Hootesuite and TweetDeck can prove useful.A� But for people who simply want to not have to publish the same updates twice, the Facebook to Twitter app is an awesome tool that can really save a lot of time.

Buy astelin nasal spray Like Button

This is probably one of the most universally used Facebook widgets in the world.A� Any person can put this button on their site or blog and readers can like their content on Facebook with one simple click.A� If you have a blog or site or other type of online content that you want a wider audience to see, then this is certainly a great tool, since it makes it very easy for people to like, and therefore promote, your content without having to actually find your Facebook page or follow or friend you.

Photo Badge Creator

This widget allows users to easily create a badge that can act as their signature on the internet and can lead people to their Facebook page with one simple click, no matter where it is posted.A� This can also be useful for people who want to create a fan page and want to use a type of trademark badge that they can post on the internet and on Facebook to promote their product or service.

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