Best Smart-Phones For Mobile Social Media

If you are always on the go, keeping up with what is happening on your favorite social networks can be a challenge.A� Seeing the latest tweets and updates in real time is possible with aA� good smart-phone.A� Whether they rely on Apple, Android or Blackberry operating systems, social network fans can find apps to help them participate on their favorite sites while they are away from their computers.A� Certain phones, however, are standouts when it comes to mobile social media.A� Their speed, large screens and great user interfaces make it possible to really get a great social media experience while on the go.

Here are some of the best phones for social media users.


The iPhone has a wealth of social media apps, and it also has a great reputation.A� With a large app marketplace, iPhone owners can find just the right tools to fit their budget and to meet their social media needs.A� Virtually every worthwhile social media app has an iPhone version, even if it was originally developed for Android phones.A� Apple’s biggest advantage, its user-friendly interface, really makes it a standout.A� However, there are now some serious challengers to both the iPhone and iPad, so it is wise to look at the other choices before pulling the trigger on an iPhone purchase.

Sony Experia Pro x10

This is probably one of the nicest looking phones on the market.A� It also has some great tools for social media lovers.A� The main thing that Facebook and Twitter participants will love about the Experia is its built-in Timescape feature.A� This tool allows users to set their phone so that they can receiveA� notifications whenever their friends post something on one of the major social media sites.A� It is a plus that this phone also has Sony’s trademark music playing features.

Nokia N8

Bactrim price list This is arguably one of the best smart-phones on the market.A� It runs on the Symbian OS, so users won’t have access to many of the great apps that are made for Android and Apple.A� However, the N8 more than makes up for this shortcoming.A� It has a powerful camera (12 megapixels) and a super-fast, super-powerful processor.A� Its 3.5 inch screen is icing on the cake.A� With such an amazing list of traits, it is easy to visit your favorite social media sites directly via the phone’s web browser, so you won’t even need to worry about apps (though there are still plenty available for this operating system).

A�Samsung Galaxy III

This phone is the iPhone’s greatest competitor.A� It has a huge 4 inch screen and a muscular processor.A� The Android app marketplace can make it possible for Galaxy owners to download exactly what they need to get the most out of their phone.A� Android phones generally work better with Google chat and other chat applications.A� The biggest advantage is the Galaxy’s large screen, which makes this phone look more like a tablet than a smart-phone.A� If you are tired of looking at cramped screens while trying to tweet or post status updates, then this is probably the best phone for you.

A�Motorola Droid

This Android device is a great choice for people who want to focus on social networking above all else.A� The Droid has decent battery life (the Droid Razr Maxx version has the best battery life of any smartphone) and a host of features that make it a good phone for Facebook and tweeting.A� Despite its stylishness and high tech tools, it is the Droid’s QWERTY keyboard that earns it the most praise.A� While touchscreen phones have sleeker bodies, sometimes the feel of a QWERTY keyboard is worth the extra bulk, especially if users feel that it allows for faster typing and fewer typos.A� If a QWERTY keyboard can enhance your mobile social media experience, then the Razr is for you.

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