Best Social Media Sites For College Students

Most students are advised to limit the time that they spend on social media.A� Yes, spending too much time on Twitter and Facebook can cut into your studying sessions, but some social sites can actually be useful for students.A� Those who see social media as a tool to help them answer questions, find internships, and connect with other people in their field of study can actually use certain social sites to gain an advantage.A� As long as they don’t fall for the temptation to spend their day tweeting and tagging, social media can be a really useful tool for students.

Here are the best social media sites for students who want to get the most out of their time online.

A�Grade Fund

This is an interesting site for students who want to find unique ways to pay for their schooling.A� After signing up for Grade Fund, students can get sponsored by family, friends or anyone else who wants to support them.A� The site works like this: students sign up and get sponsors who will pay them if they receive a certain grade point average.A� Once they obtain this average, the promised funds are released and can be used to pay tuition and school fees.A� The site bills itself as an alternative to student loans and scholarships.A� While it might not pay for all of your college tuition, it can certainly help, and can provide a financial incentive for students to get better grades.

A� Himalaya diarex price Rate My Professors

This is an interesting social media site that allows students to research their teachers before they begin their semester.A� It can be a useful site for selecting classes at registration time.A� Professors can be searched by school and subject, so you will be able to find the exact subjects that you want to know about.A� Rate My Professor can also be useful if you want to help out a professor who has furthered your academic career or inspired you.A� Users can create an account so that they can participate and leave comments about and rating of their past and present teachers.

A�Campus Hook

This college social media site bills itself as a�?the universal college social megabase.a�?A� It has lots of updates and peer created content from college campuses around the country.A� Yes, this can easily become a time-waster as it does have a lot of Facebook-like qualities.A� However, Hook is also a great way to connect with people who have like-minded interests at your school or at other schools in your area.A� As long as you use Campus Hook as a tool to connect with people, and not a stand-in for more-frivolous social media sites,A� it is a good tool.


This site is focused on academics: namely on helping students study for tests and answer difficult homework problems.A� Experts (professors and students who are experienced in certain subjects) are waiting on the message boards to answer questions that members pose.A� No, you are not guaranteed to get someone to actually do your homework for you, but Cramster is a great tool for getting extra advice at any time or day or night.A� If you find Cramster useful after a couple of visits, you can pay for a $9 membership (monthly) and get access to all that this site has to offer.


This site allows students to find internships and rate their internship experiences.A� The best part of this site is the ability to search for internships that you might not otherwise be aware of.A� Once you find some, you can read peer-created reviews from past interns.A� For anyone who has had a bad internship experience or who thinks that they have a limited amount of options, this is an invaluable tool and one of the most useful social media sites for college students on the internet.

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