Best Video Sharing Sites Besides YouTube

YouTube is the undisputed king of the video-sharing world.A� This popular site is the top choice for people who want the most viewers to see their uploads or who are hoping to make a video that goes viral.A� Unfortunately, YouTube has a lot of negatives as well.A� With so many uploads it is easy for quality videos to get lost in the shuffle.A� Popular videos are inundated with inane comments and some videos are of very low quality.A� So, while YouTube is certainly the best option for people who want to share their videos with the world, it is not the only option.A� There are plenty of other sites out here where users can upload videos and stream their content online for free.A� These sites have great content uploaded by users and also have some vibrant communities of like-minded people who use the sites to share their work with each other.

Looking for a good YouTube alternative?A� Here are your best options

A�Daily Motion

This site is headquartered in Europe. It certainly doesn’t have as strong a following in the US, where YouTube still rules, but it does have some great qualities that make it a very competitive alternative.A� First of all, it is possible to upload longer videos (up to about 20 minutes in length).A� Also, Daily Motion is actually a more-social-media oriented site than Youtube.A� It is easy to find like minded people and even contact them through the site.A� Overall, there is a bit less censorship here than on YouTube.A� The catch: HD quality videos can only be uploaded by paying a�?proa�? users and the uploading and account management process is not quite as straightforward as YouTube’s.A� But, if you can manage the account management features and overcome the learning curve (which is slight overall for anyone with a bit of computer savvy), then this is one of the best video-sharing options out there.A� Another plus: this is a popular site internationally, so people who simply want to watch videos can find some things here that cannot be found on YouTube.

Purchase silvitrata A�Veoh

If you are looking for a site to upload your latest feature-length film, then the best option is Veoh.A� This site allows long videos to be uploaded without any sort of membership or a�?proa�? account.A� OK, so Veoh doesn’t have the same kind of reach as YouTube or even Daily Motion, but it does have a community of users who comment on each others videos and interact in a social-media-like setting.A� Veoh also has a very easy-to-learn user interface, so it is certainly a great option for people without a lot of computer savvy.A� You can also download Veoh’s software and use it to save and watch videos and movies from the site while you are offline.


This site was one of the original video sharing sites on the internet.A� It is popular amongst film-makers and videographers, so it is easy to find quality videos to watch.A� This makes Vimeo a great choice for people who want to avoid sifting through shaky, poorly filmed YouTube clips.A� Why do pro users like Vimeo?A� It has a cleaner design than YouTube and users have the ability to upload to certain channels and have more control when it comes to sharing content with others.A� To get the best features (more upload memory, HD picture, etc), it is necessary to get a pro account.A� Even if you don’t upload videos, but just want to watch, this is an awesome choice because the quality of videos is higher than YouTube and the comments generally more constructive and interesting as well.

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