Best Ways To Grow Your Twitter Following

Getting more people to follow you on Twitter can be a difficult proposition.A� You can follow thousands of people and hope that they will reciprocate and follow you back, but this is not the best method for getting quality followers.A� First of all, you may be following hundreds of people who you dona��t really want to follow.A� These people may produce spammy or irrelevant tweets and, worse, maybe follow you so that you follow them and then un-follow you as soon as they receive your follow.A� It takes time to weed out this type of Twitter user.A� If you want to get quality followers and follow, in turn, quality people yourself, some other methods for growing your Twitter following Glucophage metformin buy online can prove very useful, and less time consuming in the long run than the follow-and-be-followed method that most people employ on Twitter.

Here are some ideas for growing your Twitter following:

Promote your Twitter feed everywhere

You may be active on Facebook or have your own blog or site.A� These places are good for promoting your Twitter feed as well.A� If you have a blog, you can actually get a widget that displays your tweets in the blog’s sidebar.A� You can easily direct people to this feature and perhaps occasionally mention that they should a�?follow me on Twitter to get the latest news or updates even before they are published on this blog.a�?A� You can then appease these people by tweeting about upcoming posts before you publish them.A� Even if you don’t have a blog, you can use exterior links to direct people to your Twitter account.A� If you leave comments on sites or participate in forums, you can place a link to your Twitter feed in your signature and can perhaps even mention that you regularly tweet about relevant topics when leaving a comment or posting on a forum.

Keep your tweets relevant

Some people will tweet about anything.A� You probably know this type of Twitter user well.A� They will tweet that they have just woken up for the morning, that they are brushing their teeth or that they don’t care for the weather today.A� People usually don’t like this type of Twitter banter and may go as far as un-following people who do it too much.A� If you are interested in a certain topic, tweet about it often.A� This will naturally draw followers who are interested in the same topic.A� Sure, an occasional off-topic tweet is fine, but eight or nine out of ten tweets should be on-topic.

Make promises for more information

This strategy can also work on Facebook to get more likes for your pages.A� You can promise people extra content if they follow you on Twitter.A� Make sure that what you are promising them is on-topic.A� Some people think that the best way to grow a Twitter following is to have a contest.A� However, this can lead to lots of people following you just to take part in the contest. A�They will lose interest and un-follow after the prizes have been handed out.A� It is better to offer something that is useful to the people who are interested in your niche. Perhaps you could pen a short e-book or a series of articles based on things you already know about.A� You could promise to tweet a link to a free download of the book to anyone who follows you.A� This will make it possible to assure yourself that the people who follow you are at least interested in your niche and that they are hungry for information about that niche.A� This means that as long as you keep your tweets relevant in the future, you can retain the following that you get from offering your free download.A� If you are afraid about losing your following, you can periodincally offer additional downloads.

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