Five Best Social Apps For Tablets

Having the right social media and chat apps for your tablet can make it much easier to use your device to chat and check your social media pages while on the go.A� In fact, some people may find that the number of app choices for their Android or Apple tablet can make it easier to find the right tools for their social media needs.A� They may actually feel more comfortable using their tablet all the time, rather than relying on a smart-phone or desktop computer to chat and participate on Facebook, Twitter, and their peers.

Not all tablet apps are created equal.A� Some are actually not very useful, and users would actually be better off sticking with the apps on their phone or PC and forgetting about going the tablet route altogether.A� Other apps, however, are very useful and can make the tablet one of the best tools for accessing social media and staying connected with friends while away from the computer.A� Some tablet owners may eventually think that their devices will allow them to step away from their desktop completely.

Want to get the best social experience out of your tablet?A� Here are the best apps and widgets for the job.


The official Twitter app leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to tablets.A� Luckily, third-party tools like Plume can really make the Twitter experience streamlined on Android devices.A� Plume is a highly customizable app that can be used to control multiple Twitter accounts.A� Timelines and feeds can be seen on the app’s main page, while pics and links can be previewed in the internal browser.A� In short, you can interact with Twitter in aA� highly customizable way, and the experience can actually exceed the experience of Tweeting on your laptop or desktop.


Voltaren salep untuk IM+ is a chat application that can allow you to use multiple instant messaging platforms on your tablet.A� All major instant messengers are supported, including Facebook Chat, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Google Talk and AIM.A� In short, you can stay connected with your contacts on your tablet without having to sacrifice anything when you step away from your main computer.A� This app even works with popular non-English language sites like China’s Weibo.


Facebook’s official app for iPad and Android is certainly a good option, but so is the third party Friendcaster app.A� Friendcaster can give you access to all the status updates, sharing tools and instant messaging that Facebook’s official app can.A� One advantage is that Friendcaster generally updates faster than Facebook’s official app, so you are generally able to access new feature quicker through this third-party tool.A� No, this is not a stand-in for managing your Facebook account on a PC, but it is certainly a good choice for keeping up while on the go.


This app has been well-developed and is a proven success.A� It has a number of options that frequent Tweeters will find very useful.A� Users can go to this Android app to organize their steams and a�?zipa�? certain people’s streams so that they can be read later (a very useful trait for people who you don’t want to un-follow but don’t need real-time updates for certain tweeters).A� TweetCaster can also be used to post updates on both Twitter and Facebook, further streamlining the social media experience that tablet owners can enjoy.


This useful tool is for people who want to manage their Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, and other social media accounts on their tablet.A� This is a muscular tool, and perhaps would seem like overkill for someone who just wants to post their updates on Facebook via their tablet.A� However, for people who are frequently on the go and who want to manage their social media life completely on their tablet, this tool, which costs only $2.99, is a great choice.

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