6 Most Powerful Photo Sharing Apps

When you start looking for a photo-sharing app for your phone, it might seem like there are a million options to wade through.A� While you wont literally have to sift through seven figures worth of apps, the number of different options can make a seemingly simple choice quite confusing.A� Luckily there are a handful of standouts that most people rely on to share the images that they take with their phones.A� Many of these photo-sharing superstars work across platforms (on both Android and iPhone, and perhaps even Blackberry devices).A� A few are specific to a certain operating system.A� Narrowing down your search to these standouts can make it much easier to ultimately find the one app that is right for your specific needs.

Here are seven useful and powerful photo-sharing applications for smart-phones

Instragram a�� The most hyped photo sharing app (the most well known photo app in the world, arguably) is certainly an interesting choice.A� You can follow Instragram users’ streams in a way that is not unlike Twitter.A� Fun (useful?) tools like photo effects allow users to get a little bit artistic before posting their pics.

Path a�� This is a good choice for people who want to share photos with a few people, but not with everyone in the universe.A� Path limits users to 50 friends, but works best for people who have fewer than that.A� It has a very simple posting process, and currently works with iPhone and Android devices.A� Obviously, it is a great choice for sharing personal photos and family snapshots.

Snapr a�� Unlike Path, Snapr is geared towards people who want to share their photos with a community of people.A� Users can build a following on Snapr or they can use the app to upload photos to their other social media streams.A� Perhaps the coolest aspect of this app is a location-specific search, which allows users to look for photos taken by other Snapr users in their city.

Trover a�� This is another app, for the Android and iPhone markets, that focuses on location.A� Trover is a great choice for people who want to be plugged in locally.A� Users can upload photos of their location and also sift through other local photo.A� This is certainly not an option for people who need an app that can help them share their personal photos with close friends, but it is a great choice for people who want a social media experience that has a strong local focus.

Flickr Android and iPhone app a�� Flickr is the grandfather of internet photo sharing, and it has been around for more than seven years.A� Because of this, many people are familiar with it, and merely want an app that can allow them to post photos to their Flickr account.A� Sure, Flickr’s app has some of the bells and whistles that other photo-sharing apps on this list have, but its best trait is that it has no learning curve for Flickr users and allows them to get almost the full Flickr experience on their phone.

PixelPipe Purchase parietal scalp a�� PixelPipe is a photo-sharing app for people who want to have a lot of options when it come to sharing their photos on different sites.A� PixelPipe allows users to send their photos to over 100 different photo-sharing sites.A� Users can upload to a number of the supported sites at once, making the process streamlined for those who want their photo to appear in many places at once.

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