Most Useful Facebook Apps for iPhone and Android Devices

Some people want to connect with friends and contacts via Facebook, but that can mean spending hours per day at the computer.A� If you want to catch the latest posts and updates from friends and fan pages, a good smart-phone app can make it possible to connect easily on Facebook without having to spend hours staring at the monitor.A� The best Facebook apps allow users to stay connected and make it possible for them to see updates in real time and receive notifications in a variety of ways.

These Facebook applications for smart phones give users the necessary level of control so that they can really personalize their mobile Facebook experience.

Facebook for Android and iPhone

Facebook’s official Android application is one of the few that is universally useful for any Facebook user.A� This app is fast and smooth and has all the options you’d be able to access if you used the popular social site on your desktop computer.A� This app does a few neat tricks as well.A� It allows you to connect your phone’s camera with Facebook so that you can take pictures and post them without any sort of confusing or lengthy uploading process.A� The app also allows users to set their preferences so that they can control how often updates and notifications are sent.A� This can be useful for people with lots of friends who are constantly bombarded with updates.A� The iPhone version is quite similar to the Android version and is equally useful.A� If you just want something that works seamlessly and want a Facebook experience on your phone that is very similar to the one you’d get on your computer, the official Facebook for Android or iPhone apps are your best bet, by far.

Facebook Messenger from Google Play

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This useful app is ideal for people who spend time chatting on Facebook and want to be able to stay in contact with friends while on the go.A� The Messenger app allows access to Facebook’s chat application, and also offers some very useful extras such as photo sharing and location sharing features and SMS capabilities.A� These extras make this a useful all-in-one tool for communicating via Facebook while on the go.A� It is a great tool for anyone who uses the Facebook chat application.


This app is for movie-lovers.A� Users can find and watch movies on their phone and then share their reviews and make recommendations via Facebook.A� Flixster also gives users access to movie reviews via Rotten Tomatoes as well as movie release date information and even local movie theater pricing and schedules.A� If movies are an important social media subject for you, this is an invaluable app. DinoDirect.


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