Strategies For Getting Likes On Your Facebook Fan Page

Getting people to like your Facebook pages can be easy.A� You can ask your friends and the contacts that you have already made on Facebook to stop by for a few seconds and click the Like button on your page.A� But to really get a lot of people to like your Facebook page, other strategies are necessary.A� Getting lots of likes requires spending a little bit of time planning a promotion that will get more people to your Facebook page and will raise the chances that once there the visitors will click the Like button.

Want to get more likes on your Facebook page.A� Here are some great strategies.

Join groups that are in the same niche a your page

One way to raise your odds of getting more likes it to promote your page to people who are interested in the niche that your page covers.A� You can find these people easily by joining different Facebook groups and then promoting your page on the group’s page.A� It is imperative to do this in a way that does not seem like you are spamming the group.A� This means that you should participate in the group’s discussions and befriend members.A� These contacts can also lead to additional likes in the future if the newly-found contacts from the group share your page with their friends.

Install a Like Box on your site

One of the best ways to get likes from outside of Facebook is to place a Like Box on your site.A� If you have a blog or a specialized site, simply putting this button will bring more likes to your Facebook page.A� You can mention the button from time to time, saying things like a�?like us on Facebook to get the most up-to-date information and special announcements about this site.a�?A� You can also do this even if you don’t have your own site.A� If you participate in forums or comment on blogs, you can include a link to your Facebook page in your signature and/or profile.A� People who read your comments or posts can then find you more easily on Facebook.A� Just make sure that the link leads directly to your Facebook page that you are promoting it and not to your personal pages.

Start a promotion Cheap atarax

If you really want to score lots of followers quickly, one of the most effective strategies is to hold some sort of promotion.A� Perhaps you could offer a free article or e-book or create something that is related to the niche that your Facebook page is about.A� Announce to people that you are giving this item away free to anyone who likes your page on Facebook.A� Don’t make this something that you have to purchase or that costs money.A� Just make it something simple that you can create on your own.A� If anyone is at all interested in your niche, they will like you just to have a look at it.


Have special content only for fans

A related way to get more likes is to run content and have additional downloadable items that are only available to your Facebook fans.A� This will make it possible to get new fans, just as you would in the method mentioned above.A� It will also make it easier to retain the fans that you already have.A� Some people might like you just to get the item that you are offering in your promotion, then click unlike afterwards.A� But if you continue to promise special things to your fans regularly (maybe once a month or so), then you should be able to keep most of those fans coming back again and again.A� This free content can serve a double purpose, because you will also be drawing new fans (if you use the promotion ideas above), while retaining those that you already have.A� One good strategy for bloggers is to pre-publish posts on Facebook so that only fans can see them.A� This means that you can use content that you would write anyway as a kind of a�?rewarda�? for your fans.

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