The Best Social Media Sites For Promoting Your Blog, Site, or Business

If you have a website, blog, or business, chances are you have tried to promote it on social media.A� For most people, this means taking to Twitter or Facebook to pitch their services or site to the world.A� These two social media giants are good for connecting with the public, but there are many other options out there as well.A� These social media a�?othersa�? can actually do some things better that Facebook and Twitter, such as allow users to connect better with certain niche groups and further spread their message to people who aren’t involved in mainstream social media.A� A side effect of doing lots of promotion on social media is that your sites will get more back-links and end up getting higher ranking from all-important search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Want to use social media to strengthen your blog, personal site or business site?A� Here are some easy-to-use-sites to help you.


This is a new social media site, but since it is associated with one of the internet’s most muscular companies, it has grown very, very quickly.A� The best thing about Google+ is that it is very easy to use and very easy to integrate with other Google tools such as Gmail and Google’s ever-popular search engine.A� For people looking to escape from the fallacies if Twitter and Facebook, this is the number one alternative.A� Yes, this site is still growing and not everyone is on it yet, but it is easy to socialize and post relevant information and drive readers to your blog or business site.A� Even if you have no goals for promoting your business or site, Google+ is a worthwhile alternative to social media’s most-established players.


This is bascially a business-oriented version of Facebook.A� Everyone who is in the professional world uses LinkedIn, but few people use it often.A� You can upload your resume and socialize with employers, but you can take it a step further and also find people in the same field as you and let them know about your services or your website.A� The good thing about LinkedIn is that it is more about business than about socializing, so you know that the people you are in contact with are professionals.A� The negative: most people don’t use this site after setting up their profile, so contact requests and messages can go ignored for a long time.


This is a social media site that is focused on helping people connect with others who have the same interests.A� No, this is not as popular or far-reaching as the other sites mentioned in this article, but if you are looking for an audience who you know will already be interested in what you have to say or offer, then Ning is a great addition to your social media arsenal.A� In a way, this is better than LinkedIn because people are generally more active on Ning once they find a group that is suitable for them.


This blogging platform, something of a mix between Twitter, Blogger, and Flickr, has a very loyal following.A� Many people use their Buy finax online Tumblr blogs to share pictures or short posts, and many businesses and major websites have a Tumblr blog that they update regularly.A� With a little effort, it is easy to grow a following on Tumblr.A� Since it is mainly picture-oriented, this is a great tool for posting visual promotions or snippets of your site’s content.A� Tumblr users are generally more serious about using the site to explore the niches that they are interested in, so your audience will be a little more educated about your niche and more-focused on it than on other social media sites.

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